Feature Request: Activity Highscore List in Personal Records

In TrainerRoad, you can track your personal watt records at any given duration by using the Personal Records feature. This is nice when you set a new all-time high or a new high within a season. However, if the activity only comes in in a second place, you cannot easily see that.

In the paid version of TrainingPeaks, you can select a duration, and you will see a high score list of the 20 activities with the highest values. You can choose to see the record on heart rate or power.

Can you include something similar in TrainerRoad as well?


Probably not quite the same, but in case you didn’t know this was here…

Viewing Personal Records on TR you can select a duration and the click “View Details” and switch to “All Time” to see its history of increases.

I think it only shows the bumps “up” so not quite the list of XX best days either. But still kind of fun sometimes if you haven’t seen it.

Hi, thanks. I am aware of this feature. As you mention, you will only see how the records have increased over time using this feature. This is nice, but you will not see your top N rides.

I find it motivating to see that my top N list improves by a ride, even if I do not get a new high score. Now I have to use TrainingPeaks for this, but it is limited to a predefined set of durations.

you can do exactly the same as in TP, look here, you have to create Seasons and scroll during the sheet:

Hope this helps?

@hpbieker Let me know if the above :point_up: support article doesnt cover what you’re looking for so I can communicate to the team. Thanks!

Thanks. I am aware of that functionality. However, it is not what I am looking for.

In TrainerRoad, you will only get a new value in the list if you get a new PR (for the selected duration). Rides that come in at e.g. 2nd place etc will never be shown. In TrainingPeaks, you will get an overview of your 20 best rides (all time or for a year, depending on what you select).

From the example screenshot in my original post, TrainerRoad would only show the following rides:

  1. 254 W, 2022-03-07
  2. 250 W, 2022-02-17
  3. 248 W, 2022-02-15

The ride at 2022-02-18 at 248 W would not be shown because the PR was already 250 W (2022-02-15).
The ride at 2022-03-01 at 246 W would not be shown because the PR was already 250 W (2022-02-15).

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Thanks. See my posting above. Unfortunately, it is not what I am looking for.

I understand, you want to save yourself the TP Premium as I have already done.
Another alternative would be WKO5 with a one-time fee if TR cannot implement it, but it would certainly be a nice feature for TR!

Or try intervals.icu for me it’s more better then TP, especially you can but TR Calendar there, the thing with PR’s i haven’t found there, but different cool things!