All Time Personal Records

When viewing my personal records on TR, the “recent” PRs and “all time” PRs do not line up at all. In fact, it seems like the all time do not include the past year or so for me.

Example: a December 10min PR would have been my 3rd all time PR, but when I click on all time PRs it, nor any other recent (last 6 months), show up in this category.

Is there something I need to do to make the all time PRs include all PRs?

Hmm, that is really strange, they should all show up by default. It’s possible that you’ve stumbled into a bug.

I’d recommend reaching out to our Support Team at :+1:

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Sorry to dredge up an old thread, but it’s the only one on PRs that seems to match my situation. Basically, I don’t understand All Time PRs … on today’s ride I apparently got 17 All Time PRs. But my PR curve shows all points of my Ride curve below my All Time curve. The trophy icon below the power curve seems clickable (if I hover over it) but upon clicking nothing happens.
I must be missing something obvious? :thinking:

Edit: ah ok … if I zoom in and squint at the long end, I see some All Time PRs for duration >1h34min or so…would be easier if there was a way to highlight more clearly where the PRs actually are…

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It seems like all the way at the right they converge. Was this your longest ride eve? If so… then you have a PR on times exceeding the previous rides. Stand on the end of the curve and it should tell you which ride is that PR, it should say today’s date and a delta of 0watts

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Wasn’t my longest ride ever, but you’re right the PRs were at the far long end. Seems to me there must be an easier way to highlight that…(doing another search, I see a bunch of enhancement requests for that).

It would be awesome if the parts that match and are PR would be a different color!

Yeah - or if the notification said “you have All Time PRs between duration A and duration B” and/or “you have All Time PRs at all durations greater than C”

Our feature request to improve visibility of PR’s.

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Am I correct in assuming where I match the power for a specific time zone that counts as a PR?? Just spent ages trying to find a PR only to see my 14s power has the same wattage as my best in 2020, with a green triangle, so that flags as a PR?

Not sure I agree that equal is a PR? Surely it should be greater than last year to trigger being a PR??