The 'Personal Records' chart should integrate with workouts

As a user of TrainerRoad and WKO I want to be able to build workouts based on my power curve so that I can identify my needs in WKO and execute them in TrainerRoad.

New capabilities needed:

  1. Ability to have a Personal Record chart that reflects the previous 90 days
  2. Ability to specify an interval target as a fraction of a point on a Personal Record chart (i.e. 90% of my 40 min power PR over the last 90 days)
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Hey @ErickVH,

Thanks for taking the time to share your feature request!

We actually have this capability already :slight_smile: This is facilitated by creating your Season in the Personal Records area. While it won’t automatically adjust to the past 30 days, you can manually select the start and end dates to find the information you’re looking for.

Create Seasons

The first step to analyzing your fitness with the Personal Records Chart is to create “Seasons” — custom defined periods of training and racing. Click “Manage Seasons” to create and edit Seasons.


Seasons Examples

Seasons can be created for any past , present and future period of time you want to analyze and compare your fitness in (e.g. entire years, months, training phases).


You can custom-create any workout you like using our Workout Creator. With TrainerRoad, you have the ability to set your intervals based on whatever you choose, and you can use your Personal Records chart to inform your choice :+1:.

I will admit that the Workout Creator is a bit out-of-date, but it does work. A new web-based Workout Creator is on our Development Roadmap, so this process will improve in the future.

I hope this helps give you some options to achieve what you’re looking for, let me know if there is anything I overlooked :slight_smile: .

It is ~11 clicks to generate a PR chart. And the data generated would only useful for that day.

I agree the workout creator is out of date. I was aware that you were working on updating. Both of which informed my decision to propose useful capabilities into the reworked system.

You’re absolutely right, it takes a lot of steps to achieve what you are trying to achieve. My goal was to share a potential workaround that you could use in the meantime, I’m sorry if my message was miscontrued.

I will pass your suggestion onto the team for consideration :+1:.