Savoury bike snacks

I’m doing a 100 miler on Saturday, and usually take things like fig rolls, flapjack, banana and a few gels, but the issue is that I get sick of eating sweet stuff on the bike.

Does anyone have any decent recipes for savoury foods that are easy to eat on the bike?

I wouldn’t over look the macro profile of whatever you settle on.

Switching from mostly wholefood carb biased on-bike sources to savoury items which are likely to have a higher fat and lower carb content is fine but something to consider.

Cheese twists/straws
Scotch Eggs
Sausage Rolls

Nature Valley do some good ‘Sweet N Salty’ bars I’m quite fond of.

heres a great book for making riding Eats, they also have another book but I cant remember the name…

One of my fav’s is boil baby potatoes with salt pepper and parmasan cheese…carry them in foil and they carry easily like a banana, just smaller…

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Scotch Eggs
Sausage Rolls

^ Nice list of go slow foods, couldn’t stomach that and ride well ^

Pretzels, Sandwiches are good

No.1 Choice, Rice Cakes (homemade are best, loads of recipes online)

Salted Roast or Boiled potatoes or Sweet Potatoes… cut in to chunks and wrap in foil, practise how you wrap them so you can undo them on the road.

Boiled new potato, peeled, cooled and rolled with sea salt. Rapped in foil. Salt replenishing and high glycemic rate.

The other thing that might be of help if you can get it is Vegemite or Marmite on really good bread.

Beef jerky, bacon or those pepperoni sticks are a nice (nasty? :P) and salty treat I save for the last 1/4 of long days like that.

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I always remember fondly the Pepperami ads they had back in the UK. Pepperami: Its a Bit Of An Animal.

Vegans look away now:

Haha I used to work for the company who owns the Peperami brand, I think even our most enthusiastic marketeers would never expect someone suggesting it as an exercise fuel :smile:

The only sports events we sponsored were Darts :wink:

Back to the OP questions - rice cakes all the way. Bacon/maple or tuna/soy sauce for example.

Love my rice cakes, and little omelettes
Little bit of soy adds some nice salts and flavour

Though the Girl just blew up the food processor so no more date rice cakes till next pay day

Spanish tortilla in a baguette - delicious.

I’ve taken to starting longer rides with turkey or chicken sandwiches (on granary bread) as the food for the first hour or two. I keep meaning to try making savory rice cakes (have the rice ready to go), but the sandwiches are a lot less faff tbh, and I think a decent mix of carbs and proteins.

I then switch to homemade GCN Energy Bars once I’m ready for sweet.

There appears to be some evidence that protein is beneficial in the first few hours, and it’s part of what Science in Sport did with Sky for Froome’s Giro attack.