Canyon Speedmax 2021

Apparently Canyon is revealing the new Speedmax on November 17, and it will be the much anticipated Disk brake model.

I’ve posted a couple of times in this thread about it - have seen heard elsewhere that the bike will have a bento in the top tube and storage above the bottom bracket but no integrated hydration. As you say, being announced fully next Tuesday.

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Oh, I did not see that. Sucks if they removed the integrated hydration, I think a lot of triathletes value it a lot.

I’ve been looking to buy my first tri bike, so I’m waiting to see what they announce, but will probably go for a mid-range spec, not the top of the line I’m sure they will focus on in the reveal.

with a 20%+ price increase for sure.

I dread it will no longer be the best value on TT bike out there.

Hoping for the rim brake bikes to drop price after this.

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This would be awesome!

First TT/Tri bike I know of to have embraced the narrower (shape) fork legs and chain stays, so wider (stance) position. Looks a little like the Huub HB.T bike.
They claim it to be 9 Watts faster at 45kph than the Canyon Speedmax 2016.
A few notes:

  • The Canyon Aeroad (2021) is claimed to be 8 Watts faster than the previous gen Aeroad Disc. However, it is only 4 Watts faster when a rider sits on top. Considering the bike is equipped with faster wheels than the previous Gen, that is basically nothing.
  • The difference here is, that the previous Gen Speedmax is a rimbrake bike. In general, rim brakes test 3 to 5 watts faster at 45kph. So if the new Speedmax is actually 9 Watts faster with a rider on top, it is actually more like 12 Watts of improvement.
  • that would be an absolutely incredible improvement if
    — the improvement is measured with a rider on top. Everything else is useless
    — the achievement is measured with wheels that are equally fast. The images show the new SM on 858 NSW wheels. The current gen has a version (9.0 LTD) that is equipped with the same wheels.
  • I fully expect the version Jan rides in the video on IG to be the TT version. It doesn’t make sense, that the Tri version is presented, with the Kona champion on top, in a Kona-illegal build (rear disc wheel). Therefor, it makes sense that the version in the video doesn’t have an integrated hydration system, since these aren’t used in TT (
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I think at this point I’d be pretty surprised if there was integrated hydration in the frame, the whole TT vs Tri version point doesn’t stack up for this bike. The current Speedmax SLX has a TT version but this isn’t manufactured at all different to the Tri version, it’s just a normal Speedmax SLX without the bottle, bento and a different UCI legal seatpost/setup. Given what we’ve seen of the new Speedmax, there doesn’t look like there is anywhere to fit a hydration system so it would require a completely different manufacturing process to make one.

I also don’t see where they could put the bladder in this one (as realistically they are not going to manufacture two completely different bikes to accommodate a hydration system, there’s just not the market for both)? Looking at the front-end in the below, it doesn’t really look like you can run a straw anywhere either.

All the rumours/picture look like they have the storage above the bottom bracket and the chunky top tube will have an integrated bento.

Wow. Fork blades are crazy deep.

Don’t really understand the logic of having integrated bento but not integrated hydration if that’s the case. If anything the other way round would make more sense - there are plenty of people who need to drink but don’t need to eat on a TT bike, there is nobody who needs to eat but doesn’t need to drink!

Well it’s all speculation right now. But it does seem weird

It’s pretty common on TT/Tri bikes, a load of brands (Cervelo, Quintana Roo, Pinarello, Felt) go down this route.

I understand that the reasoning is that it’s not really much extra work/design to add a couple of bolts to the top-tube and design something to fit on top that is pretty aero. You’ve typically already got water bottle mounts behind the saddle and on the downtube/seat-tube so you’ve already got a fair bit of liquid on the bike. For those who do want a BTA straw, there are so many aftermarket solutions to add this (Xlab Torpedo etc) that it doesn’t really make a massive amount of sense to add integrated hydration.

Adding hydration is a much more fundamental change to the bike design and isn’t something that everyone wants.

That said, I am slightly surprised Canyon are doing away with it, I really like the front-mounted bottle and it’s always been popular. Cervelo include a BTA solution on some of the tri versions of their bikes (basically a Xlab Blade type deal) and it would be great to see Canyon offer something aero like that for people who want it.

If the new range is similar to the current one, the removal of the hydration system isn’t relevant to me since the current gen mid range bikes don’t have integrated hydration either.

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Posted this in the other thread but reposting here - this is meant to be the CF (mid-range) version. You can see the bento on the top tube and tool storage above the bottom bracket.

It looks like the SLX version has the different front-end with the single riser and y-shaped aerobars. Whether the SLX has the bento built in to the top tube or similar remains to be seen.


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The cockpit seems to also be different.
Instead of a more expensive single piece of CF goodness this seems like more of a run of the mill cockpit.
Looks very similar to the current gen cockpit.

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Interesting. Looks like the aerobars are raised when compared to the current CF, not sure if that will be adjustable. Also the front fork is much deeper. And of course, the disk brakes on the CF model too.

Don’t get the hype around disc brakes especially on tt/tri bikes really but honestly I’m more interested to know about changes on the frame geometry. Would like to see the space between down tube and front wheel reduced, however if the slx version comes with no integrated hydration system/bento, then it’s going to be hard for me to consider it. I’d like to see an aero fitted draft box too, as it’s the case for Cervélo, BMC and other brands.

Why would a geometry change be needed? Isn’t the main reason to get a TT/Tri bike, that you are able to find the exact fit for you?
I mean, at least on my TT, the geometry isn’t really relevant, as I have the possibility to lower and higher the saddle by a lot, move the saddle more forward and backward by a lot, lower and higher the arm cups by a lot, and move them back and forward at least a little. The geometry of the bike doesn’t matter so much on a TT bike imho (as long as you have all these possibilities and the bike is sized correctly).

Also, I don‘t know about moving the front wheel closer to the down tube. Firstly, it might make the bike less stable.
Also, Scott have recently released their Plasma 6, that did the exact opposite. According to Scott at least, because it was fast that way:

I’m not talking about full geometry changes, just that the downtube could be a little be closer to the front wheel, the frame is fine otherwise. You’re right though, those little watt saves are just a marketing thing anyway, doubt it’s really significant for someone of my level, what matters is your position, your legs :slight_smile:
The Plasma 6 though has an unique look.

Details on the Canyon website already


  • Completely adjustable bars - u shaped and can adjust length, angle and width easily
  • 9 watts faster than previous model. SL claimed to be as fast as previous SLX.
  • Hydration (750ml) and bento are both integrated into the top tube for CFR/SLX - looks like it will avoid spilling etc and is really smart with the bladder
  • Bento on top of toptube and tool storage in top tube for CF
  • Bottom bracket toolbox for CFR/SLX is completely built into frame and integrated really nicely. It’s slightly more of a ‘add-on’ on the CF
  • SLX weighs 9.4kg vs 8.7kg for previous model
  • Retail prices: CFR £10,299, SLX £8/9k depending on Di2 or Sram, CF - £4/6k depending on components

Very Tri focused. The hydration system looks pretty good.