New road bike selection with limited budget


I’ve got a budget of 4500€ for a new bike and I’ve shortlisted it to the Canyon Ultimate CF SL Disc 8.0 Di2 Aero and the Specialized Tarmac Disc Comp Ultegra Di2. Both meet some of my must-haves (not full aero frame, discs and di2) and the geometry will fit me. My current bike is a TCR advanced 2 (105 rim brake and alloy steerer) with some Campag Zonda’s C17 and this bike will be kept with turbo duties.

I’m fairly light at 58kg and would like a lightish bike with disc brakes and electronic shifting.

Which one would be the better option? I know the Canyon is far better equipped for less PVP (I can then get 15% on the Specialized). Is the SL6 frame better than the Canyon at the SL level?
Should I consider the new Scott Addict? In that case, I would have to lose Di2 to meet my budget but I would get the HMX level frame.

Any other option that I should be considering?

Thanks all

Sorry, just here to laugh at what you term a limited budget.

And then cry because I’d love a £4k bike.

Can you get a chance to test ride some of these bikes. A lot of LBS will let you do this if you leave your creditcard with them


Would you be riding on the stock wheels with both bikes? If so - what are the specs on those wheels?

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I say limited because with discs and 4.5k€ I can’t get anything lower than 7.5kg.

Canyon is far better equipped with DT Swiss ARC 1400 Dicut db (48mm).
The Tarmac comes with DT R470 Disc.


Other than weight, what are your priorities in looking for a new bike?

Based solely on what you posted, I would also throw the Focus Izalco Max Disc into the mix. Find me a lighter production disc-brake frameset. I’ll wait.

Personally my experience with Canyon’s road line has been that their bikes are functional and well-made, but about as interesting to ride as a 2x4. Of course, I’m at the end of the size bell curve that no one cares about, so more normal-size frames may behave better. The tramac is a brilliant bike, but the wheels on the Disc Comp Di2 leave something to be desired. I might look at dropping to mechanical shifting and picking up a Tarmac Disc Expert with Ultegra R8000 (and Roval carbon wheels), which are marked down right now and in stock with a variety of sizes from Specialized.

As always, do stop into your local shop and ask a mechanic what they think. This time of year we’ve got plenty of time to figure out how to make a customer’s dream bike happen in their budget.

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That would seal the deal on the Canyon for me unless there were plans to upgrade wheels in the next year or two.

FWIW I ride a Specialized and plan on getting another this year. Admittedly not the best bang for the buck.

The Izalco Max Disc 8.9 is 4500€ and comes with Ultegra DI2 and DT Swiss carbon wheels (PRC 1400 35). But, like the Canyon and Tarmac, also has a step down frame at that price point. Focus says frame is 1040 grams, whole bike 7.85 kg. Still pretty light and nice looking for sure.

OP, I think you can try the Canyon for 30 days and send it back if it’s not for you. My wife has an Ultimate, I’d love to have an SL6. Lots of choices! I’d probably get a Teammachine :slight_smile:

Buy the bike with the better wheels then - if you’re going to be riding them for a season or more the wheels matter a great deal and you’ll probably be happier with them longer term

This is exactly what I did. I really wanted the Canyon but after seven months of waiting for size availability, I couldn’t resist the price on the Tarmac Expert. I’m very happy with the bike.

If you like an aggressive geometry with the ability to modify the stack, check out the Argon18 line. I’ve got a Gallium that just arrived and I can’t wait to ride it. I’ve also been on the Nitrogen (aero road) and it’s pretty special.

  • Quality and lightweight frame so I have a good base to keep for at least 4 years and upgrade if necessary
  • Climbing style frame, I don’t mind some aero features but I don’t want a full aero frame as I don’t like the look of them and don’t think they suit someone of my size and weight
  • Race geometry
  • Modern features (discs, through axles, integration if it doesn’t add much weight, etc)

Ideally I would like to get a top of the line frame and wouldn’t mind stepping down to mechanical Ultegra for that as I would then have a good base for future upgrades but I don’t seem to find anything in my budget that fits those requirements (Orbea Orca OMX would be ideal for example, but my LBS has one and I didn’t like the look of the fork as it is too bulky).

Not sure why your not considering a newer Giant TCR advanced pro disk. Lots of selections on eBay and pros closet. The 2019 version hits all the numbers, ultegra disk, ultegra Di2, tubeless ready 40mm SLR 2 carbon rims, dual sided ultegra PM, I got mine off eBay for under your budget. This and the canyon would be the best bang for the buck but the canyons when I was looking were never in stock.

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You should get the CF SLX version for that budget. I own the Ultimate CF SLX 8.0 Version with Ultegra DI2 and rim brakes (2017 modell). I really love this bike. Stiffness and still comfort. It´s awesome. I enjoy every ride outside. At the moment they have some bikes on stocks with a discount here in germany. May you`re lucky and find your bike

Just because I would like something different as I’m keeping the TCR.

For 4500€ I can only consider the SLX in the caliper version and and while I’m not completely sold on discs I want the new bike to be as future proof as possible so it will be disc brake.

Having suffered a few niggly issues on bikes in the past (at a variety of price points) I would say buying local makes things a whole lot easier if you have even the slightest problem.

After that I would look at comfort and fun above anything else, so fit, compliance, what size tyres will fit, and do you like riding it. Again local helps here as you may well be able to (test) ride it (on the roads you usually ride).

You ask about frames being ’ better’ but it depends what you mean - lighter? more compliant? longer lifespan? If it’s weight I cannot imagine for a second you will notice the difference between any mentioned or even what you have today.

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Limited budget? :thinking:


It has a limit, so it’s limited…
Let’s stick to the topic please.

If you weigh 58kg, i wouldn’t worry about splitting hairs on the weight of the bike!