Giant Trinity Advanced Pro 2019 or Canyon Speedmax CF 8.0

Time to get a new bike. Torn between the two. Both priced similar. Giant £2.5k and Canyon £2.7k, except with the Canyon you get Mavic wheelset BUT I already own a Giant Aero bike with their deep wheels that I would swap across

What would you buy?

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Look for an even better bike on Ebay or Facebook Marketplace (or in the UK, the time trialling forum) that someone’s selling without wheels? Triathletes and TTers generally look after their bikes…

Triathletes looking after their bikes…what world is this :rofl:

I’m new to the TT game so what brand/model would you recommend I look out for?

Not sure what type of racing you do, but note that the Giant Trinity Advanced Pro is not UCI compliant in its stock form. To make it UCI legal you need to purchase the Trinity UCI Upgrade Kit which is an additional $1,155 USD. It includes the UCI compliant fork (sans hydration system integration) and the top tube cover to replace the storage/bento box.

If you only do triathlons, then not an issue. But if you’re a roadie (in a good way, of course :wink:) and plan do races which enforce UCI rules (e.g., U.S. nationals), then you want to factor that into the price.

I’ve been looking at the Trinity myself as it’s a good deal for an Ultegra DI2 TT bike. But once I add the UCI fork, it puts it in a higher price bracket where there are other options…which I’m only starting to explore.


The one that fits me/I can fit on. I’ve been looking at these a lot lately and the canyon has what seems like a somewhat limited range of adjustment for seat height.

As someone at 175cm I should be able to pick the S or M frame but the S frame (which is the one I would lean towards) doesnt have nearly enough adjustment in seat height for me (somewhere around 760mm depending on saddle, etc).

If you dont have such fit issue then the world is your oyster. I’ld probably buy the giant because I already have a propel and really like the TRP brakes vs normal rim brakes.

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I don’t think I’ll be doing nationals anytime soon ha. Just the local 10’s and 25’s over here in the UK. I need to have a look and check at what point the UCI rules come into place. Im waiting on the 2020 range to come out in August. Hopefully they’ll be more appealing colours

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I also have a Giant propel advanced Pro 2 2019 which has the TRP brakes. I really like the look of these as they are tucked away. I’ve heard the Trinity is quite a heavy bike? I’m hoping its due to the stock wheels as I have some SLR 1’s to put on

If the SR2 are the same (or close) to the propel wheels they are close on 2kg for the full set. It’s easy save weight quickly with a carbon set (though by the time you get a 60 front and a disc rear… maybe not so much).

Though surely its power to CDA rather than power to weight unless it’s an uphill one way steep TT.