2020 Gen CANYONs

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there is a huge topic for the Tarmac SL7 release, but I don´t see any for the new generation of Canyons - and in my opinion it is really interesting

I wrote in plural with a purpose, because I am asking myself next question - we all know there should have been a release of a new Aerod, showed in that famous Zwift commercial under MVDP, but there is still a strange silence. Speculations are about fork quality issues, but who knows? Maybe anyone heard more rumours?
But, Canyon is always almost the first one to bring new tech on the market, so I just can´t believe they don´t already have also a new generation of Ultimate on the fly with fully integrated cables. But with the problems of Aeroad release, this could postpone even further the Ultimate´s release…at the other hand they are sold out, Canyon has to loose big money now, so I am sure they work like crazy to get new bikes on the market ASAP
Do you have some new informations, thoughts, ideas?


All of their bikes are stuck in shipping containers or slowed down through the supply chain similar to other brands. Specialized is no different. They got some bikes out to dealers but it’s not like you can go on the website and grab whatever bike you want. Every bike I’m considering buying from Spesh is 100% sold out.

A friend of mine is a factory rider and he can’t get his bike until November. I don’t think Canyon’s delay has much to do with anything other than that. Almost all of their gravity bikes are sold out and delayed similar to their road bikes.


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To be fair the aerod should have been released a long time ago way before the current pandemic first started.

Something much have went wrong in the later design stages or production. I don’t envy canyon at all as improving on the aeroad at all can’t have been an easy task but they are taking way too long nevertheless.

2 lf my friends already went for other bikes having had their eyes on a new aeroad 1-2 years ago and a lot of people over on weightweenies/reddit from what i have read.

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As somebody who bought the Aeroad 2015 model I’m pretty happy, other than the disc brake option it’s still basically the same bike that’s sold today which is pretty rare for a 5 year old bike!

I think the areas for improvement are obvious - hide the cables at the front, scrap the rim brake option and optimise the whole thing for discs, maybe increase tire clearance a little (Canyon website still shows 25mm though other sites say 28mm). Doesn’t need to be radical, existing bike still does pretty well in aero tests and is pretty compliant for an aero bike. Optimising for disc brakes should give enough opportunity for marginal gains in weight, stiffness and/or compliance to differentiate the new model from the old. And add in some more colourful paint schemes!

MvdP rode what was supposed to be the new Aeroad last fall in one race before the World Championships. That bike hasn’t been seen since except for some Zwift commercials shot around the same time. Those bikes have been stuck in those containers for a long time.

I believe something wasn’t up to MvdP’s liking and Canyon had to go back to the drawing board. He is their million Euro man so they need to keep him happy.

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When i looked a few nights ago there was discount being applied to the aeroraod bikes which could be a precursor for a new model coming through shortly.

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The top end Aeroad seems to be $9K, including power meter and dura ace di2…

Not sure if that is discounted or the normal price but it is fantastic value if you compare to the 12K for top end specialized / trek etc…

Yes I’ve been watching this. We’ve got new TCR Advanced, new Emonda, new Tarmac… I want to see a new Ultimate!

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£450 price reduction with other models sold out and no future stock date. It looks like they could be clearing stock prior to launch as no one wants to buy at full price for a newer model to be launched months later.

Behaviour like that kills customer brand loyalty.

Behavior like what? Having a sale?


Speaking of tire clearance, I’ve been REALLY loving my 2018 Endurace CF SLX with 32mm Conti GP5000 tubeless. Feels like I got a new bike.


Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke. To be honest I feel.like other manufacturers are just now catching up to the aeroad which is an “old” frame. It has to be one of the most comfortable aero bikes out there, I’d say Scott foil and now the new tarmac are in the ballpark as well.

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Many new bikes are typically timed for the lead-in to the TdF. But there is just so much that could have been screwed with their timetable this year. Problems in the supply chain (with the DTC model for Canyon, it is more crucial that they have stock available at launch, compared with the dealer model where it can take months after launch for bikes to be available in LBS’s).

Or being a euro brand, they may have decided to stick with the TdF launch, and it is just the TdF that has been delayed.

Even bikes that have a TdF launch usually get soft introductions in earlier races (often the Dauphine or Tour de Suisse). Movistar, Arkea and Alpecin have all been using the same models so far this year.

And racing this year has been … ? Strada Bianci. Not where you would launch the Aeroad. Dauphine isn’t until next weekend.

Still kinda odd in my opinion when you consider most competitors already launched their bikes and a lot of customers waiting for a canyon release just bought those bikes instead.

A soft launched might have been served as damage control.

Doesn’t seem to have been mentioned here yet, but on instagram a couple days ago they had a very teaser-esque video w/ the Aeroad, some larger travel MTB, Speedmax and maybe another model I couldn’t identify. Possibly just the Aeroad again from a different angle or the recently new Ultimate. I’d imagine something more official will follow shortly.

Looks like the white bike is the Aeroad and cable free, bike in the screenshots above looks like an Ultimate and still has cables :frowning:

Is this a Campa Groupset?

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Burgos, Tour d’Ain, whatever that French race was last week, etc.

And Dauphine is also historically farther out from the TdF than it is this year.

And, btw, VDP road the Aeroad at Strade Bianche…so yeah it could have been the perfect opportunity.