Can't see Trainerroad visual analytics in Strava

Hi. My son has just started to use Trainerroad yesterday. His rides are synchronized with his Strava account, but the visual analytics cannot be seen. However, in the Trainerroad app we see everything perfectly. I suppose this could happen due to some settings, but I just don’t know which ones?
Thank you for any helpful tips and/or informations in advance.

Hi there! I’m not sure on which visual analytics specifically you’re looking for or whats missing on either Strava’s side or TrainerRoad’s side? Can you expand upon what precisely you’re looking for?

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By visual analytics, I’m assuming you mean this:

or am I wrong and its something else?

Yes, that’s it :slight_smile: Sorry, I don’t know the exact term for this :slight_smile:

The one bbarrera has just posted :slightly_smiling_face:

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I think you need to make trainer road a “partner integration” inside Strava. Go to profile/settings/partner integrations” inside the Strava app and see if trainer road is enabled.


^ what RobC said!

Thank you, actually I’ve already checked it, it says ‘Enabled’ to Trainerroad :slightly_frowning_face:

Hmm. Since this seems like it isnt a general outage with Strava or anything, I’d recommend checking in with the support team to see if they have any tips!

Thank you, I’ll write to them :+1:

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Hmm…seeing the same (again). This is on the production app today (iPad), and on Strava, it’s like it just fired the core data, but no metadata. For example, it doesn’t show that it was via TrainerRoad textually (empty), or the pretty picture. I had this happen back a few weeks ago too, as did another friend last wee.

Exactly, this is it! I talked to TR Customer Support Expert Nate and he wrote me the following thing today (after the 2 days-disconnection just did not work at all): “Talking with my superiors, it seems that Strava has some testing going on that randomly picks certain Strava accounts to remove the ride images for some rides. This can also include the TrainerRoad workout graphs. This being the case, it seems that you’ll need to reach out to Strava to see about stopping the tests on workout images not being imported into Strava.”
So now I’ll try to reach Strava for further assistance, hopefully this will be a problem and we can solve this easily.

I had the same issue last week with the image not coming across to strava. TR support told me to disconnect TR and Strava for 48hrs, then reconnect. Next ride it took about an hour for the TR ride to sync but eventually it came across with the picture.

I also tried this, but did not work unfortunately :disappointed: