Strava not showing TR workout images

G’Day all.

I’ve noticed over the last few days that strava is not showing TR workout images in the activity feed. (or any of the zwift workout photos either, Route image is ok though)

This is something new over the last few days, and I’ve checked with others and they are not seeing my TR images either.

Something new from TR or Strava?

Just checking

I’m having a similar, but slightly different, issue. The images for my own TR workouts show on the Strava feed, but I don’t see other user’s TR images. I’ve checked with the other users and they are seeing their own.

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I still see my own, and my friends, TR graphs and Zwift pics in Strava

I also lost this in the summer. Still nothing.

What worked for me in the past with TR and Zwift was disconnecting Strava from my account and re-connecting it again.

Try doing that and see if it works for you also.

@SomeCallMeTim can’t help it:
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I’ve contacted both Strava and Trainer Road support. Strava basically said each user might have a different experience, but confirmed that my experience is normal. Trainer Road contacted Strava and were lead to believe Strava was doing some testing with their API’s that could be the cause of this. It was believed the testing was going to be complete in December some time. I’m not sure what the default behavior will be once they are done. I recorded my opinion with Strava that I like seeing other user’s Trainer Road images in my feed. I would encourage others to follow up with Strava and let you voices be known as well.

So have just started using trainer road but the graphs from trainer road will not upload to starve. The data is there but no graphs, have tried unlinking and relinking accounts and also tried disabling and enabling partner integrations.

I think there was some delay this weekend (noticed at my own ride and from a buddy).

Hey! I merged your post to this relevant thread (also applicable: TR workout images not showing on Strava)
When we see multiple athletes experiencing this, its likely due to Strava doing some testing with their API’s as aforementioned. You can try waiting it out and re-syncing hoping Strava’s all sorted, or reach out to them to see whats up! Apologies we don’t have more help to offer on this.

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Anyone else having this problem lately? I run Garmin and TR (on my Mac) side by side during rides. I’ve been doing this for a long time and Strava always shows the TR workout, but the last 2 rides, Strava is showing my Garmin workout and not the TR one. Nothing has changed on my end,