Strava sync without Image of ride(but I want one)

Hi, I have just finished my first trainerroad training.
It sync ok with strava but I do not have an image of training.

Does this feature work only on strava premium? (I have free account)

Strava link

I see it :slight_smile: All is good!

Weird, becouse I can’t see it
Maybe it is due my location(Poland)?

This is what I see

I can see it too

Do you want it to show like this?

If so, try going onto the workout on TR, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Sync with Strava icon. Mine did this the other day and was flashing red, but stayed green once clicked and it pushed to Strava.

It is all green and still not working

Edit last post

I have tried to delete strava workout, disable sync with strava in trainerroad and then enable it again. Workout on strava is still with the same problem.

Contact support

Make sure your profile on a strava is set up as “default highlight image” - photo