Cannot calibrate brand new inRide 3 in TrainerRoad

I acquired a new inRide 3 and have tried using it for the TrainerRoad workouts. The device pairs just fine. Without calibration, though, it reads way off - I have to pedal much harder (on my Kinetic Road trainer) to get the same reading.

Every time I try to calibrate the inRide with TrainerRoad, it dies. The first few times it stopped at 19.6mph and then un-paired. The last time I meticulously followed all the recommended steps. It made it to 19.9 mph, and died. The only way to reconnect is to take out the battery and put it back in.

Calibration with the Garmin iOS app works like it’s supposed to.

So far, support from Kinetic and TrainerRoad has not been able to fix this. Any ideas?

When I first got my inRide3 it had a terrible time calibrating and needed a firmware update through the Kinetic app. That fixed the issue. I assume you know the unit reset is done by flipping the battery upside down in the unit and holding it there for a few seconds.

But this year I bought an inRide2 on the cheap and never got it to calibrate right. The Kinetic app offered no firmware update so I just put the inRide3 back on.

In general they are neat little devices when they work but very frustrating when they don’t. Good luck to you.

I read a help article once that said there’s a ‘huge’ amount of data that’s transferring in that amount of time, and that it really stresses the wireless connection. Maybe put your phone right next to the InRide while you calibrate?

EDIT to add that I’ve never heard of it ‘dying,’ just saying Calibration Failed. That sounds like it may be some other problem.

Is that not enough? I understand that it doesn’t matter which app calibrates the device, as long as it is calibrated.

I cannot calibrate my new Elite trainer with TR or Zwift, it fails, doesn’t ‘die’, but I can with the Elite app.

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I had a similar issue…it would pair and calibrate with a fresh battery but after a week or so TR wouldnt calibrate unless I did the battery swap deal…I ended up just using virtual power…less headaches.

Thanks, looks like your answer is going to work. From Kinetic support:

“The user you mention in the support comments is correct. If you calibrate w/ Kinetic app, you should not have to calibrate in TrainerRoad. The calibration set in your app will transmit to TrainerRoad.”