About to use this Kinetic inRide set up as a boat anchor

I’m trying to use the kk road machine with inride. It will only successfully complete a spin down calibration when cold. It matches my quarq pretty well up until about 250 watts, then kk will be through the roof by at least 40 watts. So I pause and try to recalibrate but it just endlessly fails. I can tighten, loosen, increase tp, decrease tp, nothing works until it cools off. Unfortunately my quarq is older and only puts out ant+. Anyone fight through similar problems with this trainer?

Is this on Android?

I recommend removing the battery, replacing the battery, then trying to recalibrate. Repeat around 200-300 times or so over a few weeks or perhaps months if you’re really patient/a glutton for punishment.

Then carefully place the inride into the garbage, where it’ll be right at home, and move on with your life.

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I have decent luck using an inRide. I have a dedicated trainer bike, so once I got a setup that calibrates well I can leave it there.

The two things that I find ensure a consistent setup:

  • use a green kinetic trainer wheel on the back
  • tire pressure to the max (120 PSI)

fwiw - I don’t have a power meter on the trainer bike, but for verfication purposes I installed a P2M power meter from my road bike for one ride and things seemed to match well

Haha, made me laugh. Needed that.

I just did an 1:30 workout and tracked with both inRide/TR app and with quarq / garmin. I’m going to check out the graphs and see how it looks.

I have seen nothing that shows the in-ride is worth even becoming an anchor. I was very hopeful that it would work as I use my kk and don’t want / can’t afford a smart trainer.

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