Cannondale SuperSix Evo (2023)

I’m totally assuming here but did you tighten one bolt all the way before moving on to the next? That might have caused the issue.

If you get the bolt out or get a new stem, tighten the first bolt just enough to hold the plate on, move on to the next bolt and do the same and so on. then after all 4 are lightly tightened, do another cycle of little more tightening.

So sequentially tighten bolts until you finally reach the torque spec instead of torquing one all the way before others.

I did little by little to hold and then tighten it later on. Maybe too late and my thoughts were that the screw would lightly “bend” and break. My feeling was it kinda broke net like a chisel on a rock.

Will investigate, this week after cleaning the bike and taking it out from the box and will keep you posted.

Thanks for your message :slight_smile: