Can you set priority on workout import sources?

I use a Garmin GPS watch (with optical heart rate) as backup when tracking outdoor activities in case anything goes wrong with my Wahoo head unit. However, only the Wahoo connects to my power meter and records power. The Wahoo syncs to Strava and then into TR. The Garmin syncs to Garmin Connect and then gets imported into TR.

Sometimes the Garmin activity hits TR first, and Trainer Road only shows heart rate when analyzing the workout. On these occasions, the Strava activity syncs as well, but in TR workout analysis, the Garmin recording with heart rate only is all I can see.

Is there a way customize workout-sync to prefer the Strava synced workout (with power data) vs. the Garmin synced workout which has heart rate only?

So far, the best I’ve found is to delete the activity from Trainer Road and re-upload the Wahoo file manually.

No, there is not a way to rank or prioritize sources for duplicate data. I think it’s first come, first serve, but that is a guess based upon general experience and could be incorrect in some cases.

If at all possible, finishing/completing the desired upload source first, then the other after some time delay, may be the way to make this less manual after the fact.


Hey there! Good question – @mcneese.chad is right on with his response. It’s a case of “first come, first serve,” so whichever file gets uploaded first will beat out the other one to get to TR.

At this time, we don’t have a way to prioritize which workout file gets uploaded first. If you use your Wahoo for all of your bike rides and just use the Garmin watch as a backup, it could be worth disabling the automatic sync between Garmin and TR so that only your ride file from Wahoo gets to TR. That way, all of your power data will automatically be synced to TR without needing to go through the hassle of deleting the Garmin file and manually reuploading the one from Wahoo.

Should you need to use the Garmin file if something does happen with your Wahoo data, you could always manually upload the Garmin file in lieu of the Wahoo file later on.


Thanks guys! I do typically wait a few minutes before triggering the upload on the Garmin, but sometimes it takes a little longer for the Strava sync to finish (and I don’t realize it).

Not a big deal, just figured I might as well ask in case there was a better method I didn’t know about :slight_smile: Appreciate all the suggestions!