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one question - I hope this has not been answered yet.

I connected my Strava and my Garmin Account to Trainerroad.

I use my garmin watch as my primary device for yoga, weightlifting, CX, running etc. For riding gravel and on the road (also outside TR workouts) I use my hammerhead karoo while also running my garmin watch to have live tracking (which does not work at all on the K2) and use all garmin metrics (training readiness, etc.). But K2 has better visuals for map, workouts etc. on the bike and I´m posting to strava from this device (deleting the garmin file on strava once it is uploaded)

My problem regarding TR: When I´m doing activities and use both devices (Garmin watch and K2) both activites sync to TR. TR then almost every time uses the garmin file as my primary file on the calender. So I have this raw file without laps etc. (also sometimes I forget to start the watch and do that after a few minutes while workout already started). The K2 file is always more accurate - correct start and stop time etc. so adaptive training works 100% correct.

Is there any way in calendar to choose which should be the primary source if there is a file from Strava and Garmin?

If I disable Garmin as source my CX rides, running etc. would not sync to TR.
In Training peaks e.g. I do have a workout file for any source and I´m able to delete the one which is not correct.

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The best way to achieve this is to simply stop the flow of data from your Garmin Connect account to your TrainerRoad account.

To do this, sign into Garmin Connect and click on your Profile & Account on the top right, and then select Account Information. From there, you can uncheck the box that says “Data shared from Garmin Connect to the TrainerRoad app,” as seen in the image below.

This will allow your TrainerRoad activities to continue to sync to your GC account but will block GC activities coming into TrainerRoad.

Your activities from both your Garmin watch and your Hammerhead should still sync into TrainerRoad through Strava, as that is now the only source of data. If you’re dual recording an activity on both devices, it might help to let the one that you prefer sync first before ending the activity on the other.

Give this a shot, and don’t be afraid to reach out with any questions or issues that may pop up along the way.

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Hi @eddiegrinwald

Thanks a lot! That is the solution :slight_smile:

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