Wahoo kickr core resistance drop

Hi im looking for tips and trick for using the kickr core.
Im finding it too “light” when i get to desired rpm (90-100 usually) the watts for the interval it seems to back off the resistance. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Im using kickr and also pairing power tap p1s. Ive tried using the kickrs power but i dont trust it too much as it seems to smooth it out too much and i rarely drop below the interval wattage.

Ive came from using an elite direto.

Hey there!

Sounds like it may be worth checking your gearing. The gearing you use on the trainer will impact how your session feels, even if ERG mode is adjusting the resistance for you.

If you’re in a big gear (like the big chainring up front and a little cog in the rear), that combo will get the trainer’s flywheel spinning super fast, as though you were on a flat road (or even a slight downhill).

If you’re in a small gear (like the little chainring up front and a large cog in the rear), that combo will make the trainer’s flywheel spin much more slowly, like you were going up a steep hill.

That inertia generated from the flywheel can make your effort feel “lighter” or “heavier.”

As a middle ground, we like to recommend keeping your chain in the little ring up front and somewhere in the middle of the cassette in the back. This is also usually more mechanically efficient, which helps ERG mode perform better as well.

You can also check out PowerMatch, which will allow you to use your P1 pedals for power readings, while still letting your KICKR control your resistance via ERG mode.

Additionally, it would be worth checking out the Wahoo Fitness App to make sure your KICKR Core is updated to the latest firmware available.

Calibrating with the Wahoo Fitness App is a good idea too it if it’s been a while – or you can perform a calibration using the TR app instead if that’s easier.

Finally (and you may do this already!), we recommend keeping your trainer unplugged between workouts when it’s not in use. This helps it fully reset and clear out any bad data “stuck” inside the unit.

Hope this helps! Feel free to let me know if you have any other questions.


Thanks for the help.

May not be your issue, but:
I’ve experienced intermitten power dips on my Core that have been tough to diagnose and squash for good. When they occur, the displayed and felt power will suddenly cut ~1/2 befor climbing back over the next 5-10s. TR support has helped, but it’s seemed like a connection issue. It’s been hard for me to get rid of and it occasionally just crops up seemingly randomly.

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