Can you help me find a weight training podcast made to the standard of the TR podcast?

I love a good podcast for learning stuff. TR has taught me so much. I’ve also found the Triathlon podcast by Simon Ward for overall health and holistic training, and Trail Runner Nation for my running dreams.
Need to find a gym based show thats thoughtful and insightful and ideally in a round table discussion format rather than an individual.

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I used to listen to this podcast…

Lots of round table discussions, evidence based, and various topics covered.

Number one fitness podcast in America, I’ve been listening to these guys for a long time

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“The Worst Fitness Podcast in the World”

Dan John is an amazing strength coach, his books are amazing and he also has a podcast. Dan John University | World Class Workouts On Demand

Thanks. I’ll give your suggestions a try.

Don’t know if he has a podcast but Jeff Nippard on Youtube is very science based.

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Easily Data Driven Strength or Barbell Medicine

The original and only podcast on fitness is Stronger by Science podcast


Have listened to a couple of these podcast suggestions now. Perfect! Just what i was looking for.

The “Strength Running Podcast” is a great podcast geared towards runners specifically and endurance athletes in general. Episode 101 is a great one for cyclists: