Can I get a 10 second break in workouts?

I design a lot of my own workouts to tailor my workouts for my track racing, like these, one of my favourites is ‘track 2k 500m 250m’ which is self explanatory.

As a lot of my trackwork involves gate starts is there anyway (in ERG mode) to stop pedalling for five or ten seconds without the workout stopping, and in a lot of cases coming out of ERG mode??

I think the first part of the workout stopping can be resolved by disabling auto-pause in the settings.

As for the ERG-mode part, not sure if it’s going to work but maybe build in these 5 or 10 seconds breaks by putting the watts really low for those breaks


Do that and/or backpedal, which will keep the workouts from pausing.

unfortunately backpedalling is out, as is pedalling slow as Im trying to replicate this…

which means having the cranks still for at least 5 seconds…

Only way I can imagine replicating that is by getting your trainer to go into ERG mode pit of doom and pedal out of it.

Have short intervals where you keep raising your wattages after so many seconds so by the end of the block you would complete a virtual lap at the max desired wattage.

And just add that type of interval block as many times as you want to train it, if you coast and turn off auto pause the workout will continue and you have a chance that you are back at the ERG mode pit of doom

If you’re trying to replicate track starts, maybe just turn off erg mode? It doesn’t seem relevant for the purpose. Just stick it in a high gear and go for it.

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