Filter out workouts with ramping intervals

I don’t have an ERG controlled trainer, so I have a hard time following workouts with ramping intervals.

Is there a way to filter them out when searching for a workout?

Hey! There isn’t a great way to omit a certain type of workout from Plan Builder or from the Workouts page.

I want to try to help with making those ramping workouts better for you though, because they do serve a very specific and important purpose in your fitness and progressions! If you’d rather not do the ramping workouts at all, there are alternates to ramping workouts that can achieve a similar training stimulus but with different interval structure.

Some general tips for training without ERG mode:

  • Keeping your cadence consistent once you’re near the power target (that the goal is to stay within 5 or 10 watts of the target, dont worry about fluctuations within that range), and when it comes to transitioning from an “under” into an “over”, a single shift tends to do the trick.
  • Focusing on keeping that cadence smooth is significant, where it helps to pay attention (and hold onto) to what the effort feels like, and when your cadence is, when you are on target.
  • Finally, it helps to set your power smoothing to 5 seconds, or even 10 seconds if you still find you are fluctuating too far above and beyond target power.

I see you’re working with a Gamin power meter; what’s the rest of your setup like and what are you experiencing in ‘having a hard time following workouts with ramping intervals’? Is it an issue where you don’t have enough gearing/resistance? Let me know what that’s like and I’ll try to provide some more specific tips.


I use a Sunny stationary bike with a manual resistance knob. The Garmin power meter is single sided.
Power smoothing is set to 5 seconds. I will change it to 10 seconds.
The issue I have is staying within that 5-10 point range if the ramps are steeper.

I’d actually use cadence to work up or down a ramp. Be in a slightly too hard gear at the start of the ramp, and then gradually increase cadence to bring up the power. Once at the top of the ramp, shift so you’re in a gear that gives you a comfortable cadence. Going down a ramp, just ease up gradually.

I’d also set power averaging lower, to 3s. Because power is changing quickly within the ramp, you need a bit quicker feedback. But maybe setting it to 10s helps you not stressing about meeting the power target. It does the opposite to me, because all feedback is delayed!


Awesome, thanks for letting me know! This makes sense, and I experience this too sometimes when the ramps are steeper and I think I have to shift more than I really need to hit the target, when in reality, if Im keeping my cadence fairly consistent, I usually need to shift a little less and just hold near the RPM that I did for the prior interval.

@splash is right that with shorter power smoothing, the feedback is quick! This can also lead to ‘chasing the target’ though, resulting in big fluctuations in power, and may cause you to shift more than you need.
I think 10s will help you stay closer to the 5-10 watt range and keep you from fluctuating as much. Give it a shot and let me know how the aforementioned advice helps out!

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