Feature Req: ramping up restart after pause when using erg mode


I blew up today doing a threshold workout and pushed pause, back-pedalled some, caught my breath, and then restarted. Because I was using erg mode, getting my legs to cooperate in pushing the wattage after restart was too abrupt a shift for me. I think when coming out of a pause in erg mode, it would be great to have a very short ramp period (say one minute) where your power target maybe goes from 50% and scales rapidly back to 100% of the planned power. This would give a chance to get cadence back up to normal levels without a huge tax on already tired muscles.

Apologies if someone else has made this request before.

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It does a short ramp already of a few seconds and that is enough personally. Reduce the intensity if you need it and then raise it back up.

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Maybe a minute is too long for most people, especially if the blow-up is in the middle of a short segment; nonetheless, going from gasping for breath and jumping back into a longer threshold or VO2Max segment on too low cadence would cause me to abandon the workout (as it did today) and I think it could be improved. Maybe 30 seconds?

I get what you are saying and I am only a TR user but I would decrease intensity and then increase.

You could always switch to resistance and do the ramp you want them with back to erg. It’s really easy to do on desktop and with the new mobile apps just as easy.

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Thanks to both of you. I’ll give it a try.

From an app perspective, I think it would be pretty easy to implement what I’m suggesting or allow an Advanced option that would enable the user to customise the restart after a pause in some manner. Probably not a high priority for the tech team, but I think it would make a better product. Any just my two cents : )

I doubt it is as easy as you think and the amount of user cases is probably low which is why you don’t see it.

I was thinking about this and it could be problematic if you experience a drop out. Imagine you’re jamming away and have a drop out on a 3min vo2 interval. Typically the trainer would carry the resistance and when it picked up you would be chugging along. With some sort of ramp up post “pause” you could spin out the trainer and then leave the interval demoralized bc you not only had a drop out but flopped the interval bc of a drop out and TRs response to the pause

Perhaps the dropout issue could be resolved easily by only ramping up over a longer period when the user pauses using the pause function. Dropouts can continue to be handled ‘as is’.

In answer to prior post, in terms of complexity of inpementing a longer ramp up, it is an unknown. My supposition is that TR follows the rules they claim to in their advertised developer positions and code is easy to read and focused on important issues, not everyone’s tiny interests. If they have code that ramps up in two or three seconds now, I suspect that the code may be modified rapidly to extend that period. I freely admit that may be wrong.

My question and post was intended to solicit feedback on whether other people have experienced the same result in terms of erg mode and restarts under pauses leading to ending workouts. So far, it seems like it’s just me and if so, it makes no sense for TR to correct this issue even if it only took ten minutes of developer time. It may also seem like a small detail to TR and too many small details do lead to cumbersome code and code maintenance.

My argument for why this is worth fixing is that ramping up in two or three seconds after blowing up can be challenging in VO2Max or Threshold efforts and lead to ending workouts early. Changing to resistance and out of erg mode seems like a decent option to circumvent the problem, but it’s something I’d rather avoid doing while trying to hold myself together and continue an challenging workout.