Micro bursts vs smart trainer

When doing anaerobic work, the smart trainer can’t ramp up the power quickly enough during micro bursts. The interval is half over before reaching the target power.
Anyone else have this problem? What to do ?

Yes, this is very common, I just do certain sessions in resistance mode, not much you can do about it tbh although in advanced settings there is something which does change trainer sensitivity to power target changes so that may help.


Wish the app could tell when the power Target goes up by a large amount for a short period of time it could switch to resistance mode just for that interval and then back to erg mode after. Maybe show it in the UI with coloring it something not blue so you know it won’t be in erg mode

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What trainer are you using?

What gearing on the bike do you use?

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I’ve also used the keyboard shortcut keys in the past to quickly switch between modes if the rest interval is prolonged.

I experience this, too. I use the small chainring and middle of the cassette (10-speed). I just go with it, but it does feel like I’m missing out on the interval.

Very often the aim is neuromuscular adaptation over actual power target so you’re maybe not losing out as much as you might think,

Wahoo Kikr.
50 X 14

For short (30 secs or less) and high power intervals, this is why it switching off erg would be helpful so you can go as hard as you can not worried about power targets. Erg can cut into the time you can go hard so you get much less stress.

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Thanks, I’ll check the settings.

Use the small ring in the front. Not perfect (see my comments) but better

Yup, at the 50t it makes it harder for the trainer to snap the brake down for sprints.

On trick no matter the gear, if you want to stay in ERG, is to slow your cadence before the kick intervals. I slow from a typical 95rpm down 10-30rpm slower before, and I jump HARD as soon as the Resistance comes on from the app.

This increases the power a bit faster than waiting on the trainer alone.


I do the above as well but it’s not consistent for me and it’s hard to hit the power targets still. But it does help.
What is the shortcut key on the Mac to toggle ERG/Resistance again?

Also does it remember the previous resistance setting?

T for Trainer is the shortcut.

And yes, it keeps the RES/STD setting each time.


So could just use a mini keyboard like https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08P1GY3GN/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_i_5HCFZYZXBRN75GRE6TKF

As it can be mounted closer then the laptop.

I have a full mini keyboard mounted to my aero bars for full control.


Yes, Resistance mode. Anaerobic work is not good to have a fixed target (Coggan iLevels). You’re going to surge hard, and after a number of sets, it’s going to be all you can manage to push out (maximal). In all honesty, most likely it’s well above whatever TR is suggesting for a power target.

I’ve, actually, just given up ERG entirely these days.

Yes. Just make sure to set it before you do it, or you get hit with 50% and your entire momentum comes to a grinding halt as you hit that wall that wants you to hit 1200W on a snap.

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