CAN I FOLLOW TR PLAN, BUT ALSO MTB AND ROAD CYCLE twice a week without over training

I have started the sweet spot base low volume plan and I’m starting week 4… it’s getting harder but quite doable… I cycle to work, 8 miles round trip, relaxed pace, and also mtb for a couple of hours on a Tuesday, and try to get a 2-3 hour ride on road bike on a sat… I don’t feel over cooked, but I don’t want to enter the over training phase… I don’t want to loose the social side of cycling, so should I swap out my tr workout for a mtb or road bike session? my 150 min road cycle was higher tss than my 1hr30 min tr workout that was sceduled for today …

Sounds to me like you might be a rider that can handle a bit of TSS per week. The crew has talked a number of times about doing a low volume plan in conjunction with riding outdoors on other days. As long as those other days don’t wear you down too much (don’t race and expect to perform a workout well) then you should be fine. Just don’t forgot about recovery. It’s a good idea to have at least one or two 100% recovery days where you don’t do anything strenuous on or off the bike.

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I over-trained in 2017. It was a bit disconcerting when I couldn’t do workouts that were easier earlier in the year. My FTP really hasn’t recovered fully from that. I would import any significant rides into TR so you can track TSS. I use strava for that. Still looking for a PM, I have been using estimated TSS.