Caloric needs for cold weather riding

This past summer I have finally nailed down my nutrition on the bike. With winter approaching I am curious if caloric needs change (decrease) in the cold vs the heat…

One burns more carbs in the cold


You can’t eat enough on the bike to replace the calories you’re burning, so the general rule is eat as much as you can without getting stomach distress. So I don’t think hot vs cold will influence how much calories you “should” be consuming - basically eat as much as possible.
Practically, I find it harder to consume calories in the cold due to everything being harder to chew. And if consuming liquid calories, you don’t drink as much.

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Those were really interesting articles, more so the Peak Performance one.
My take away from them is that on a cold ride stopping for a hot drink and taking in more carbs is a scientifically responsible thing to do, coffee and cake it is then!


There is a question. Do you feel like you need more calories while you training in the cold weather? Basically people need more calories when the winter is coming because your body needs more energy to make your body warmer. That’s why I am asking because what works for someone doesn’t have to work for you.

If you will need some ideas for more caloric food let me know!
also if you will need nutritionist: