Calling all Kinetic Road - Fluid riders

Curious to know what other Kinetic Road users are putting down (on the trainer) as far as duration, speed, gearing, watts (on the trainer itself if applicable) and TT times on the road. Thanks.

I can’t answer all your questions, but just to provide a bit of info to hopefully help:
I’m doing sweet spot base, I have a 220 FTP, and I ride a Road Machine using an InRide sensor; typically I use the 39t small ring with 12-15 in the back. My reported speeds on the road machine and the gearing I use on the trainer are lower than I use out on the road for the same power.

I’m unsure what you’re trying to ascertain from this.

I don’t know my speed on the trainer but in a crit this past weekend we averaged 26mph.
My gearing: 52/36 x 12-25. I don’t know what gears I use, I just use them.
Watts on the trainer depends on the TR workout. My FTP is 266.
About 8 years ago I completed a time trial up Glendora Mountain Road.