Calibration spin bike

I’m using Trainerroad on a spin bike (with a ‘smart’ console) via Bluetooth. For some unknown reason my attempts to calibrate always fail (both on the old and on the new version of the IOS app). Is there a different approach to calibrate a spin bike (with a heavy flywheel) opposed to a smart trainer?

As far as I recall, the TR app doesn’t discriminate between trainers that can be calibrated and those that can’t - so are you sure that your spin bike is actually capable of being calibrated? (for example someone posted a while back that the TR app wasn’t calibrating a Neo 2T trainer properly… but that trainer has no calibration facility)


Thanks for the input. It took me a while to figure it out, but it turns out that my trainer can’t be calibrated after all. So I’ll just have to believe the numbers on my monitor, I guess.

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