Calibration after sessions

I’ve found similar questions but couldn’t find this specific answer anywhere. I have a wahoo kickr and i’ve only seen things talking about calibration before workouts. Is there a difference between calibrating before the session as opposed to calibrating at the end of the previous workout? Generally I do my workouts, cool down, and do a calibration every now and then. The bike stays on the trainer and they stay where they are so there isn’t much regular moving or shifting. Would i be better off doing the calibrations before the workouts instead or is calibrating at the end of the previous session the same thing? If i am consistent in calibrating after workouts does it matter or am i doing myself wrong doing it this way?
Thanks for the advice

That is just fine, and matches my practice. If the trainer and bike stay in place, the calibration at the end of the workout sets it up for good data the next time.

Used to calibrate the kickr before every session. Then noticed that I was basically getting the same calibration number ±1 every single time. Kickr never moves, I have an old bike that stays on it, it’s in an air conditioned room that is always the same temperature. I now calibrate every month or so when I remember, and it’s still giving me the same number, so figure I can safely cross it off the list of things I need to think about!