Wahoo Kickr calibration

Is there any difference between performing the calibration via the TR app or the Wahoo app?

Do I need to warm it up for 10 mins before calibration?

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Either app is fine. Yes, best to ride about 10 mins to get the trainer up to normal operating temp.

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I warmed it up for 10 mins this morning, then performed the spin down through the Wahoo app.
I then did Kaweah. Wow, the power matched my Stages (connected to my Bolt just to compare the wattage). It was literally within 5 watts, incredible.
Tomorrow I am going to do Geiger +4. I will do it without calibration and compare. Just curious, perhaps I don’t need to calibrate it each time.

Context: I always calibrated it but a. Without warmup and b. Using the TR calibration, and observed quite a difference in the readings (Kickr being higher by a good 20W compared to Stages). So what I am thinking is that maybe it’s better to do the calibration once every 2 weeks but with a 10 min warm up rather than every day but without warm up. Will report back. I store my Kickr in the room where I train, I move it 2 meters max while I set it up. I have a Kickr16 (v2).

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Hi Manny76,

Your setup sounds pretty much the same as mine, I have a 4iiii single side power meter on the bike and a Kickr.
I have been seeing a difference of about 10 watts (sometimes) between the two power meters but after the Wahoo calibration, they are closer.
Am doing a 2-hour session tomorrow, Gibbs, and a Ramp test on Tuesday next week so hoping for the most accurate numbers.
I gave up on the Wahoo calibration before every workout because it didn’t seem to make that much difference, so now do it at the start of the week’s training.

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Update. I did Kaweah today without any calibration. For the first 60 mins the power was pretty much in line with my Stages. However, I noticed it got definitely easier so I stopped (during the rest) and did a (warm) calibration. It then went back to perfectly matching the Stages.
So my Kickr is ok but not super stable. Seems to require the warm calibration every day.
Additional info: it’s from Dec 2016 and I used it a lot. Maybe I need a new belt and to increase the tension. During the warm 1h calibration it returned 22 seconds, usually it does 15 or 16 seconds.
My conclusion: do the calibration after 10 minutes before each ride (which should anyway coincide with the warm up time of the session). Will keep comparing vs the Stages.

One thing that is super important is consistency. I believe the general advice is to always calibrate if you move the trainer or if the temperature in which the trainer lives fluctuates. Also, use the same app to calibrate, and yes - always warm up.
I always calibrate (Kickr Core) after the TR warmup - usually at 10 or 12 min marker. My spindown time is always within 200ms.
I don’t have a power meter to compare, but I “feel” the resistance is extremely stable.


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I store the Kickr under a desk in the same room where I train. Does that fall within the definition of ‘moving it’? I think so.
Normally the room temperature is around 19C, then when I train I open all windows and in the winter (right now) it goes down to 13C. Which means it is already down to 13C when I start training, and it stays around 13C for the whole session.
But I will do the calibration every time now just after the warm up.

I store the Kickr under a desk in the same room where I train. Does that fall within the definition of ‘moving it’?

Yes, I would say so. For me, when I move the trainer it doesn’t seem to affect spindown time or the way it feels. But there’s quite a difference to spindown time before and after warmup. Again, consistency is key.

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Is a trainer calibration required if I have a power meter or should I just do a zero offset calibration on my 4iiii before I get on the bike?

Power meter Zero Offset is all you need for that situation.

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Thank you chief :ok_hand:

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Not to hijack, but I noticed your spindown times are much shorter than mine. On my KICKR 17, my times are in the mid 40’s with a temp in the low 100 Fahrenheit according to the wahoo app. I am curious as to what others see.

I have done some dual recording with my Faveros and the KICKR was also very close, but never looked at it over the course of a longer ride. I dual record some longer workouts to see about the stability.

I’ve got a KICKR17, mid 40’s secs also.

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I read somewhere that the calibration times increased significantly from the Kickr16 to the Kickr17.