Wahoo Kickr recalibration

With the Wahoo Kickr do you need to do a calibration, or is it automatic? If so how often should you recalibrate?

A calibration is needed for the Kickr Version 1 thru 4 (2014, 2016, 2017, 2018 model years).

The latest Kickr V5 (2020 model year) has automatic calibration. This is identified by the new direct connect port at the rear of the trainer, as well as the Axis motion feet.

So the answer lies with which specific model you have. For the first four versions, general recommendations for the Kickr are a calibration at least once per month. You also want to calibrate anytime you change the environment or location of the Kickr notably.

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Wow, you guys really are on top of answering questions. Thank you so much.

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It’s been said on the podcast if you’re using a PM, you just need to calibrate that. Any need for spindown anytime in that scenario?

We’ve seen answers from TR reps on both sides with respect to calibration of trainers when using a power meter and TR PowerMatch (do need / don’t need). It is apparently not “essential” to calibrate the trainer as long as you do the power meter as intended, is the takeaway I got.

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