Calibration needed or adaptive traing?

I’ve been using TR now for a year and have never done a calibration of TR or the kickr, if there is one for both, is so would you do both or just one?
Reason I’m asking is the resistance doesn’t feel the same as before adaptive training (could just be this) However since I’ve started adaptive training I’ve had a proper bike fit and am also now the fittest i have been, so it could just be that too.
I know i can just say the workouts are easy when i get the survey at the end of a ride, but i probably should do some sort of a calibration anyway.
Thanks for the help and advice.

Calibrate the kickr and your body by way of a ramp/FTP test.

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Did a ramp test last week on Monday, but since then I’ve taken the bike off for a bike fit.
Maybe now I have the correct set up on the bike it just feels easier.

  1. Wahoo recommends using their app as the best for calibration. For a wheel-off Kickr, the calibration should be done after at about 10 minutes of normal use, to warm up the device. Once you calibrate with their app, the setting is stored in the trainer and is used for any app you then plan to use (like TR). So there is no need or benefit to calibration again.

  2. With trainers like the Kickr, if you keep it in the same room and basic environment, you only need to calibrate it once every 2 weeks or so. The machine is stable in a case like that and doesn’t need constant calibration. I tend to do mine right after a workout, and then it’s ready for the next 2 weeks.

  3. I’m unclear on the relative timing between your bike fit, any calibration, your last test, and your experience of easier RPE. Whenever you alter something notable in your training world, specifically an equipment change (like the first ever calibrate of a trainer after long use without one) or a change in bike setup (like a bike fit that leads to major differences in RPE), it’s best to retest.

Sure, you can play with AT and work your way around it. But from all the influences you mention, a new test seems Ike the right way to address your current state.


I sometimes find that the height of my saddle can impact the power that I can put out so perhaps your bike fit has helped. Either way calibrate your kickr and do a new fitness test.