Calendar Updates: Move Plan Starts, Past Plans added to Calendar, Easier to Find "Delete Plan", and Color Tweaks

Bryce, I just tried to delay the start of the plan, and saw the instruction on clocking on the “3 dots”. When I do that, I am not getting the options to move, just only copy or delay. Thoughts?

What do you think about colour options for target power?
So say if I want to hit a power PB for 20mins or so what if the colour was a nice calming blue or green for instance rather than red?

I just started a plan but since I chose my wednesdays to be rest days I had no workout for today. So I went ahead and did a ramp test. Should I skip ramp test sceduled for tomorrow or? Will it be inconpleted if I dont do it?

Yeah! No need to do that Ramp Test again. You can select a different workout if you’d like for Thursday, but there wont be a benefit to back-to-back Ramp Tests.


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@IvyAudrain Feature request:

When I’m in the calendar and click on a workout, I can’t (or don’t know how) to get to the actual workout screen. In my mind, if I’m in the cal on the web, click a workout to see the event details, clicking on the workout in the new window that pops up (see screenshot) should take me to the workout details page. Instead, I have to backout and manually search for the Workout in the Workouts tab.

Click on the other workout window on the right, the one you didn’t mark up in yellow.


Like a year I’ve been doing that wrong. :flushed::weary::weary:


It wasn’t obvious to me at first, either.

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We know this needs improvement. Our goal is to match how the desktop app works. It just hasn’t made it to the top of the list yet.

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