Calendar Update: “Copy” Individual Activities Makes Planning Even Easier

Previously, “Copy Week” was added to Calendar, giving you an easy way to duplicate entire weeks of training. Now, there’s “Copy” — a simple feature that lets you quickly schedule duplicate individual activities to other dates on your calendar.

Think about your bike commute, that weekly drop ride you do every Saturday with friends, or that go-to warm up you plan before each race. With “Copy”, any single workout or activity (including races) you do can be copied and pasted to any calendar date.

Copy/Delete a Single Activity

When hovering over an activity, you’ll see two quick options to either copy or delete (via the trashcan icon) the activity. This can be done with past or future activities.

  1. Copying a Completed Ride: This will copy the actual metrics that were recorded for your ride and create a planned version of it.

  2. Copying a Planned Ride: This will make an identical copy of your planned ride.

For a full list of Calendar’s latest released features, check out this post.