Calendar Update: Recurring Workouts! 🎉 🎉 🎉

You asked for it; now Recurring workouts have launched on TrainerRoad’s Calendar! It makes it super easy to schedule that repeating group ride or the Friday TR workout that you always do.

Adding a Recurring Workout

Here’s my current calendar. Let’s say I want to fill in all of those Friday’s with an easy recovery workout that I made with our Workout Creator.

I click on the day to add a workout like normal but now have a new “repeating” option.

Recurring Workout Options

I have five options for repeating workouts: Does not repeat, daily, weekly, monthly or custom.

For this workout, I’ll just choose weekly. It will now repeat on my calendar until I choose to remove it.

Deleting Recurring Workout Series

To remove it I can click on any of the workouts and click Delete. I have the option to delete just that activity or that activity and future uncompleted activity.

Custom Recurring Workout Option

You can also choose “custom” which gives you even more control. You can have workouts repeat every three days, every other week, once a month, etc. You can also specify when a repeating workout ends.

This is pretty neat. Here I can say that this workout repeats every three weeks on Tuesday and Friday and will do this three times before it doesn’t schedule any future workouts.

The custom section is powerful and should let you do exactly what you want.

Outside Rides can be Recurring too!

Have a Saturday group ride that you like to do? You can also make those group rides “recurring” and have them show up on your calendar.

Moving, Pulling, Pushing, Copying, Etc

If you move a workout around it, get’s “de-linked” from the recurring activity. This is how other calendars work (like Google Calendar), and it feels very natural.

That’s it! It’s a very handy feature that I’m sure will get a lot of use.

If you have any questions, let me know!


Nice work :+1:t2:

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Great - you’ve just saved me agonising over whether to pick low or mid volume build plan. Low with recurring extra outdoor ride scheduled it is

btw, those green/orange/red circles on your calendar – a forthcoming feature you’ve let slip out of the bag?


NICE :grinning:

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This is great! Thanks!

Quick question: Is there any way (or plans) to create recurring annotations?

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@Nate… looks like you missed some explanations, ??% INT and those circles, what does it all mean?


I bet @Nate_Pearson did it on purpose to get us all excited before Christmas! :rofl:


Recurring annotations were requested and acknowledged. I think we will get them, but no signs of when.

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Was so happy to see this today when I added a workout :slight_smile:

Used this today! Made light work of entering things into my plan. Brilliant development.

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% INT seems like it could be IF Maybe this change is related to why the IF value seemed to be disappearing randomly a week or two ago?

The color coded circles seem to signify a graphic representation of Recovery Ride vs Hard effort (and in between). At least I think his Red circles are almost all >= 90% INT and Green are < 50%? Yellow/Orange in between.


Yup, and reading between the lines from that and all the data related discussion, I won’t be surprised if it eventually ties in with the compliance and possible adaptive training that we speculate may be coming as well.

This group is much too sharp :grinning:


I don’t see any of these color coded circles you guys are talking about. Where are they?

In Nate’s screenshots, which I think are from the current development branch of TR, so not in public yet.


Yup, from Nate’s pics and likely an early build of what is to come for all of us:

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awesome, thanks guys!

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Very handy, thanks guys!

You’re right, it seems to be a prototype of TRs own INTensity metric

Great. I like it and it works fine!:sunglasses: