Calendar - Show graph/map thumbnail for second, third etc activity in the day

This applies to both completed and scheduled workouts. The first workout listed in the calendar shows the thumbnail (either completed/planned graph or map or sometimes blank depending on the workout type), but all subsequently completed/planned workouts show a limited view.

The two times this is affecting me:

  1. Completed workouts - I have a casual or non-TR cycle first in the day, or perhaps a run or swim logged first - the TR workout doesn’t show me the graph. Visually, seeing the TR workout graph is really useful in a quick visual review of what has been completed in the past weeks.
  2. Planned workouts - most times, the TR workout is listed first in the Tri plans, but not always. I don’t know if this is by design or not (i.e. prioritising the workouts based on intensity/focus). But, it means that a casual scan of the upcoming weeks doesn’t allow me to see the TR workouts and intensities. Again, the visual nature of the graphs is an incredibly useful way to quickly take in the substance of the upcoming weeks, at least in terms of cycling.

Please, can you implement the thumbnails/map for all cycling workouts?
I appreciate there is a space constraint in your calendar view, but you could make the day boxes vertically flexible - see Training Peaks.

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Thanks for bringing this up! Its been brought to the attention of the team to get working into the roadmap as soon as we can make space for it! Cheers.