Refresh-button please?!

hello trainerroad-team,
i use the trainerroad-app (ios) for training and my mac for editing my calendar.
when i change my training scedule via the mac it takes quite a while for the changes to become apparent in the app.
killing the app and restarting it helps.
wouldn’t it be handy to have a refresh-funktion/button (like in ical) in the app for the changes to take place imidiately?

with greetings from berlin, arne

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Instead of killing the app, have you tried switching from Calendar to Workouts, and then back to Calendar? I just did the following:

  • open app, it defaults to Calendar view
  • move today’s workout (Wed) to tomorrow (Thur)
  • verified the Calendar is an endless scroll, not possible anymore to “pull to refresh”
  • switched to Workouts view
  • switched back to Calendar view and watched it immediately update and today’s workout moved to tomorrow, and today was replaced with a “Start Workout” button

I also moved the workout back to today, and then scrolled up (into the past) and hit Today button. No refresh. Then scrolled into the future and hit Today button. No refresh.

With the Calendar now having an endless scroll, it would be nice to force a refresh event with a button instead of having to use “hamburger” nav button and switch to Workout view and then switch back to Calendar view.

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Hello bb,
thanks for the workaround!
greetings, arne

Your welcome, have a great day!