Calendar not syncing on iOS

When viewing my calendar on iOS the schedule is almost completely different. Missing workouts, wrong workouts… only certain days are populated. I don’t use the iOS for doing the workouts but this issue makes it impossible to check my schedule on the app.

When you first open it, it will look wrong, especially if you have made changes or completed workouts since the last time you opened it. Give it a few seconds to sync.

I just opened the app and verified that what I wrote above is still true. I too only open the iOS app to look at workouts or look at my calendar.

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Like clockwork, thanks!

Yeah. I make myself count to 5 and it usually updates by then.


I’m having the same trouble. I’ve reinstalled the app, quit and restarted, restarted my ipad, but alas, still no calendar update. Anyone have any ideas?

Hey @cal,

I would recommend reaching out to our Support Team at They will be happy to help you troubleshoot this issue, and they’ll typically get back to you within the day :+1:

Hey @Bryce - I’m familiar with the excellent support that you guys have! My ipad did update - eventually - with my training plan etc. But I had to keep the app open for almost half an hour I reckon. I’ll see how we go in the future, but for now it has done what I need.

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