App vs -calendar sync

How do I get my calendar in trainer that is populated with a full daily 8 week training plan to sync with the app? My calendar in my app is empty. Do they not talk?

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Also waiting on this answer.

My Android devices sync automatically. Sometimes I swap between different areas in the aoo, in effort to trigger an update, but I’m not convinced that it’s any better than waiting for it to update on its own.

I’d confirm that you have the app update to the latest version. If so, and it doesn’t work, contact for help.

Ok…just updated the mobile app and it’s a completely new system – everything syncing.

However…I’ve had the mobile iOS app since Sept and never once was there any type of alert to upgrade to a new version – I was 4 versions old! :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Not impressed with that.

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I’m no Apple guy, but my Android stuff updates automatically.

Is there some control or setting in the iOs side that allows or prevents updates or notifications of available updates?

iOS updates all apps on my phone. Perhaps you disabled automatic updates of all apps? The last TR release was a month ago, version 2018.39.0.


Yup, totally. Just looked, and seems like TR app doesn’t connect to the iOS ‘Notification’ setting – all my other apps are in there automatically.

But even so, there should be a native TR notification if the TR app is opened and there is an update available: “Update Available. Do You Want to Install?”.

I’m really confused, I have over 100 apps and NONE of them have ever sent me a notification that an update is available. That is handled by the App Store app on your iPhone. And the App Store doesn’t send you a notification, however if you open the App Store app and click on Updates (bottom nav bar) then you can see all pending updates that are available.


It’s syncing now, not sure why it wasn’t before. I did not update the app, I just downloaded it it was current. Thanks for answering though !

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It can take between 30 seconds and a couple minutes for the android app to sync. I usually flip screens a few times to try and force it. At times I will just walk away and come back later.

Same issue here on Android. When the app first loads it displays the calendar (with out of date info). I then need to go to a different screen first, such as Workout, then back to Calendar for it to refresh. Adding a Refresh button on the calendar screen would be nice.


Refresh button please!!!


This seems to be dragging on a bit.

I’ve had to install the latest version of the TR iOS app (2018.42.0) onto an iPhone 4S (9.3.5) but despite successfully signing in, the calendar page does not populate as expected. I have tried scrolling to the top of the page to refresh but to no avail.

Could this be an issue with an older iPhone as the app runs perfectly on my iPad and iPhone 8 Plus running the latest iOS (12.1)?

It would be helpful to know if I’m simply wasting my time trying to get the app to run on a 4S.

I’ve found that calendar sync to my iOS devices (iPhone 6S & iPad) is pretty slow. I usually have to open / close the TrainerRoad app a couple of times before the calendar fully syncs.

The other thing I’ve noticed is that the lag seems to be related to recently or not I last used the app. That is, the more data that the app has to sync over, the longer it takes to pull all of the workouts over.

I think this is probably because on iOS (I can’t speak for Android) TrainerRoad doesn’t have the capability to refresh when it isn’t running. That is, if you go to Settings -> General -> Background App Refresh, the TrainerRoad app isn’t listed.

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The calendar is paaaaainfully slow to update on my iPad. I can’t really seem to get it to load the rest of my training plan. Very frustrating.

I’m jury putting the TR app on my phone and not seeing the plan builder plan in the calendar there. It is listed on my laptop. Not sure why they’re not connected.

It might take a little while the first time.


Definitely not days, no.

Hey! Please get in touch with the support team so they can help you double check all of our settings to make sure everything is syncing correctly. Alternatively, if theres a bug of some sort on our end, we’ll want to document it so other athletes dont experience it too!

You can email them at, or submit a request online!