Calendar jumps when scrolling (PC)

Anyone else have this issue? The calendar never scrolls smooth and makes inconsistent jumps. Makes it hard to keep my place when looking through things. Maybe it’s just my computer?..


Is this in the actual TR app, or on the website?

Website. But I think I’m having similar issues with the pc app at home, will have to double check.

I see something like “jumps” on PC via the website. I need to pay closer attention to see and comment on what appears to happen.

The calendar jumps when using any browser on iPad OS too. It’s been doing that from day 1 or thereabouts. It also jumps in every browser I’ve tried on my PC except for Chrome.

I think there’s another thread out here somewhere with the same complaint. It was not high enough priority at that time to get immediate attention from the TR folks.

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It’s definitely not a new issue, just something I was getting annoyed with while looking back at my past weeks TTS’s today.

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Can we get an update on this? It is still an issue and makes taking a look at the calendar on iOS almost unbearable.


I think it’s from the workouts loading? Definitely happens on iOS web browser and not the app

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Here’s a message I got from TR support on December 11th… 2018.

“This is an issue that we are currently aware of, and our Developers are working to get the mobile scrolling sorted out”

I guess it’s not a high priority. It is annoying though. Makes the iOS website calendar very difficult to use.

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Hey! A few of us weren’t able to recreate this, so it may be device or internet-speed related. Nonetheless, as with any problem experienced, can you check in with the team at so we can create/document issues. Sorry for the trouble!

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I see the same issue on my chromebook when viewing the calendar in chrome. Just not smooth at all. It’s very juddery.

Same issue on iOS safari. Been that way for over two years.

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I made a video and sent it to support, since I couldn’t post here.

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I made a video 2 years ago and sent it to support. It’s the exact same issue then and now.


Generally, I love TR. But this is driving me nuts, still exists (browser, Firefox, Win10, fully updated system).

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Same here on chrome.

Same on ios, safari, firefox, all of it.

Make sure to check in with the team about this at Thanks in advance, sorry for the trouble.

For me this is still a PITA on the Windows app. I can’t scroll to the next week by moving the menu bar on the right. It always jumps several months at once and I have to be very lucky to somehow arrive at the week n+1 or n-1.

Is there a keyboard shortcut to jump to the next week?

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All. The. Time. Every. Time. Web.