Sensitivity Issues Moving Around the Calendar View to see previous or next weeks

Hi folks, I’m new at this, but the Calendar is driving me nuts (or more clearly my usage of it!). NOT the core functionality, but just moving around it. In Grid mode moving using the scrollbar seems super sensitive, and I end up in the middle of last year etc. When in the Grid up and down arrows don’t do anything until i have moused across and tapped the scroll bar, which is very thin and is a pain to find sometimes … and it kinda defeats the point of using the keyboard when I have to mouse across to get it to move … When I switch to “List” mode, the up down arrows work … at first, but stop after each movement, unless by random chance you land on a gap between days,

I am surely missing something obvious, but this is driving me around the twist.

Any tips much appreciated.


The only browser I’ve found where the calendar does not bounce around is Chrome on Windows. Chrome on iOS seems to have the same problem as Firefox and other browsers.

The bouncing around makes it darn near unusable for comparing week to week.

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I think you mean the desktop app (not the website) and have similar experience.

I have much love for the TR software but scrolling in the desktop app is one of the worst experiences (hitting the scrollbars, smoothness). Guess it has to to with the underlying UI framework they use.

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I use EDGE on Win10 and all seems fine.

Yeah it’s an absolute nightmare on my Chromebook with the default Chrome installation. It jumps all over the place when trying to scroll the calendar within the web browser.

I’ll try Edge and IE but I don’t remember having much luck with either.

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I’ll clarify that “fine” means usable, I do occasionally get some weirdness with scrolling but nothing as drastic as you’ve described.

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I’m using a Mac and Safari and I have no idea wha you guys are talking about, everything seems smooth. I’m guessing this doesn’t affect Mac users.

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It’s more a browser problem than OS. Safari on iOS seems ok. It does jump around a bit as it loads new events while scrolling, but not too bad.

I think OP means the desktop app and not the website (since the switch to list mode seems to refer to that option in the desktop app, I’m not aware of that on the website).

I am using the desktop app, but if it happens there, then I would not be surprised if others are experiencing similar on the web connection? But at least you folks have confirmed that I am not insane … well not in relation to this anyway.

Cheers, for that, it genuinely helps.