Iphone x and safari scrolling issues

I have an iphone x uptodate ios as of today. Pre and post update, the trainer road website does not scroll properly. To scroll down in the career section i need to swap from vertical to horizontal, scroll down a bit, repeat, scroll down a bit more…

Am i missing something here? I assume the tr website developers are aware. It is just odd as it is the only website that has ever given me grief.


I have noticed the same on an iphone xr but it is not consistent.

Known issue. The solution for now is to refresh the page in the browser, and you will be able to scroll.

They are working on a fix.


I have to use two fingers to scroll through the calendar in Safari but it does work (although a bit clunky)

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It’s a low priority fix. I raised this as a ticket to tech support in Dec ‘18, and the issue is still present.

It actually makes the calendar in mobile web unusable, as the jumps that happen when scrolling are big enough where you totally lose track of what week you are looking at.

As a result, I use my laptop for looking at or changing my training calendar.


I wish they would just add more calendar functionality to the app instead of re-directing users to the website to change their scheduled workouts, etc. try my 2 finger trick for now.


Agreed, I brought it up on the forum a similar amount of time ago. It’s a real drag and a huge pain and I’m kinda shocked that in this mobile-first 2019 web environment they’ve not fixed it. It’s a huge issue, really. And one that must have a fairly straightforward fix.


Same here.

I also get the jumps

Thanks, that did work

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TBH, this is what irritates me about getting bugs fixed in software apps. Developers work more on rolling out new features than fixing the existing features that are broken.

Not unique to TR - just one of my pet peeves in the industry.


I’ve been ignoring this for ages but it’s really irritating the crap out of me now. It always jumps just as I’m about to see the exit week summary…which is usually what I’m scrolling to see! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

We’re in the process of a total app overhaul that will bring Calendar functionality to the mobile app :slight_smile:

When this is released, it should alleviate the friction you’ve been experiencing on the webiste since you will be able to make all of the changes in the app itself, and the experience will be much more streamlined.


Good to hear Bryce, since that was really my only complaint about anything TR related. :call_me_hand:

It’s just a pity that we will still need to access the web based version to “analyse” a workout. I would have hoped to have been able to do this whilst remaining in the new app version.

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I just can’t believe it’s been almost a year since I got the “we’re in the process of of a total app overhaul”. Long process

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Hi, George!

My understanding is that detailed analytics features are coming to the mobile apps, but it wont be until we are finished rolling out the next update, along with some higher priority features. Performance Analytics would definitely be pretty taxing in terms of processing requirements on mobile, but that’s just another hurdle we’ll have to try to overcome. It took us a really long time to build Performance Analytics on the web, which means it’s probably going to take some extensive work in the app to get right as well, but its on the roadmap!

We wish it were simpler and quicker, too. Almost done ironing out the last few wrinkles though!

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