Feature Request. Drag & drop in app

Would it be possible to include drag and drop of individual sessions in the calendar on the app instead of having to go online and moving by date

Many thanks

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Thanks for the feature request! This is already in the works. :wink:
Our goal is to extend all of the web functionality of the Calendar into the apps, so that you don’t have to go online to move your workouts around.


Awesome thanks for the reply Larry


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Keen to see this too. Seems very intuitive, I keep trying it!

Looking forward to this functionality. Are we getting close? :grinning:

We are working internally on the grid-view Calendar within the desktop apps that will bring the drag and drop functions seen on the web-based calendar.

We do not have an ETA at this time, but we do have a semi-functional internal beta that we are working on improving to the point where it is ready for public release :+1:


Hi @Bryce Quick question re the List v Grid view in the Desktop App (in version 2019.34.1.67-Beta) - is there a setting to enter the default/preferred view? Each time I select Grid view and return to the calendar, it’s back to List view.

thanks - Jim :slight_smile:

Hmm, I suspect that is a bug. I just tried to reproduce this issue on my Windows Beta and it retains the last view selected. So if it’s in Grid when I close the app, it’s in Grid when I open it back up.

Would you mind reporting this bug to our Support Team? You can reach them at support@trainerroad.com. To make it easy on us, please include:

  • Version Number
  • Operating System
  • TrainerRoad username

Thanks so much!

Thanks @Bryce - I’ll do a quick reinstall and if this doesn’t help, i’ll raise the issue as a bug.

Regards Jim

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