Add workout day to training plan with AT connection

Can I use this topic to request a feature adaptation? :wink::sweat_smile:

Is it possible to add a feature where I can just add in an extra day to my plan and have AT fill out what it wants me to do? So basically “train now” but in advance on the calendar. For example I have a little extra time available so I go to calendar and fill in I have 90 minutes to spare and then AT fills out what it recommends for that day in between the existing planned workouts.

I could just click train now on the extra days and use that, and it would work really well, but I’m a control freak and I love the AT calendar feature to plan out my schedule.

I’m trying to complete a build phase around a newborn baby so I’d like to take advantage of all the naps I can use to train. I’m home anyways, might as well make that time productive.

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I broke your comment out into it’s own topic. TR likes feature requests set separately so they can be discussed & tacked as the single idea they are. I may try to do a search when I have more time, because this sounds like something that may already have a request in place here. If I find it. I will merge this with that one.

Thanks! I did a little digging and couldn’t find it myself but the forum has grown so big its hard to find specific things sometimes. I thought I’d just tack it onto the AT topic to not start yet another seperate topic about something but this is even better. :grin:

Nate mentioned a while a Plan Builder feature where. you get to pre-determine both the number of days and volume/intensity per each day of the week. Do you feel like that feature once released would meet that need for you?


Simple answer would be that a plan has enough intensity and to just add as much simple endurance work as possible without compromising the quality of the next regular workout.

Absolutely. So you could fill out availability and AT comes up with the best strategy! But would this availability filled out at the start of the plan, like you can choose your training days right now. Or can I fill out my available time week to week.

If you could just add in extra time on the fly it would be exactly what I was thinking of. Right now I just use train now, and like @Rizzi said Train Now will usually just give you some light endurance work. Which is fine, because I’m on a low volume plan for the consistency and I add outside endurance/tempo rides on top whenever I have time available to do so.

My thoughts were if I know in advance I have some extra time available to train in a certain week for example, maybe AT can just adjust the plan so the extra time gets merged into the plan instead of added on top of it. So a plan adjustment, instead of just extra volume. Taking maximum advantage of the time I have to train.

Sorry for writing an entire book to get my point across :sweat_smile:

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