Adjust training plan to fit gym session on a specific day of the week

Is it possible to mark some days as “gym days” so that it is taken into account by plan builder? I usually go to the gym on Saturday, but plan builder assigned me a two hour workout on that day. Now I have a choice - either to skip workout or do it after a gym, which is not ideal.

When you build your plan one of the steps is to choose the days on which Plan Builder will put your workouts, it’s just a case of drag and drop “Saturday” to “Sunday”. Not sure if there’s a means of going back and retroactively changing the days other than D&Ding every single workout on that day in the calendar - I do this on an ad-hoc basis as work occasionally gets in the way of my weekday workouts.


You could perhaps add annotations to the calendar for gym days and AT will adapt around them.