Unable to associate a workout to a ride

Ive no idea what’s going on with my account but im now unable to associate a workout with a ride on my calendar. This is my 4th different problem in as many days. It just says “server error” at the top in red.

It doesn’t work on the web browser or the app.

Support will be sick of me.

We need more details to offer help.

Im trying to do what ive successfully done a 100 times before. Manually allocate a TR workout to a completed outdoor ride synced from strava in order to permit and gain the PL level to an unstructured non TR ride.

Sure, and I get that. But in order to offer any meaningful help, we need more specific info from you.

Screenshots or more detailed info of any errors or screens that are not working as previously expected are useful data points to know what to suggest.

We’re experiencing a delay in our ride processing and our Engineering Team is working on getting it resolved now.
Affected rides will automatically be processed once the issue is resolved.

Sorry for the trouble, no action is needed on your end other than to be patient and wait for this issue to get fixed, and your workout will appear.

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That upper screenshot sure seems like it’s related to what Ivy mentioned, and is likely related to the sync issues you had in your other post this morning. Sounds like TR is aware of an issue and with any luck, when they resolve it, that will fix both of these issues for you.

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Following up: any affected workouts should be finished automatically processing now that the issue is fully resolved! Sorry for any inconvenienced caused, thanks all.