Plan recalculation = Historic Race / ride Un-association

Hi, as you know when you have races set up in the calendar TR associates a ride to them appropriately (Matches them). However, when I recalculate the plan those associations disappear and your left with a separate ride and an uncompleted race. Is there a way other than going through them one by one to get them to re-associate/match automatically or even better stop them becoming unmatched in the first place?

Hey Adrian! Thanks for letting us know about this. This shouldn’t be happening. Strangely, we were unable to reproduce this on our end. I have created a support ticket so that we can dig into this further and get this sorted for you!

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@SarahLaverty Thanks for reaching out to me, Your colleagues Ali S and Nate V contacted me too by email. At first Ali couldn’t replicate it but when Nate picked it up with me sending page by page screen shots he was able to recreate it and he said it was a known bug your team was working on. No biggie, its just a little annoying and I’m happy resources are dedicated to bigger issues first :+1:

Got it! You ended up in good hands then :relaxed: . Thanks for giving us the information necessary to figure out where the issue lies. Thanks for your patience. At least now you know that it is not intended and should be solved in the near future!

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