Calculate cadence from speed, gearing

When using my first gen kicker in erg mode it would be nice if my cadence could be calculated based on speed and gear selection. A user could enter the crank/cassette combination ie 34/16 and the software could then use that along with your speed to workout your cadence in real-time.

i use Tacx Neo 2 with Vector 3 and Powermatch Option, my speed during my workouts is more or less correct, it’s the same as with the calculator:,50+rz=32,28,25,22,20,18,16,14,13,12,11+tf=85+dtf=5+ru=216.1+vr=3-3+ge=true+rt=true

Oh thanks for the link, Ive never seen that before. On my 1st Gen kicker it doesn’t have any cadence reading and I don’t have any other sensors on the trainer so my enhancement is a pretty specific use case I guess ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I can use the link you shared to get an idea of my Candace post workout which is cool though, thanks :grin:

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you can’t use a cadence sensor of your bike, instead of the trainer?
anyway, the calculator is really great, get mostly the same results indoor and outdoor!

Nope, the bike is completely analog, the only measurements taken come from the kicker which didn’t support cadence on the first generation unfortunately