Losing Cadence Read from Kickr Core

This morning, while doing Ericsson, the Trainer Road app intermittently lost my cadence read from the Kikr Core. It didn’t lose it completely - in fact, I would guess it was exactly cut in half (super easy spinning in very low power during recovery) so was probably around 100 RPMs and the reads I was getting came in at 50. I’m a newbie but I know enough to know my cadence wasn’t 50.

Strangely, I was watching Hulu Live on my iPad at the same time (turned off Bluetooth though, just in case) and if I shut that down, eventually my cadence got back to an accurate on the app. I can’t imagine suffering through some long rides without some kind of TV, etc., to keep me occupied… Any ideas what’s happening and what I could try?

This is the first time it’s happened and I’ve been using the same set up (TR on my phone, Hulu Live on iPad) for about a month.

Cheers all!

First, are you using the internal trainer cadence, or an external cadence sensor?

If the internal trainer cadence, it is an estimate, that is created from watching the slight pulses in power that we tend to produce between the power and recovery sections of the pedal stroke.

As such, it is possible to pedal very smooth (more common at high cadence and/or low force) and you will get incorrect cadence data (because the “pulses” are more subtle and hidden). This is common with nearly all trainers that estimate cadence via this method.

If you want more accurate cadence info, you are best to get an external cadence sensor.

Did this happen right after a large drop in power while using ERG? If so, this happens to me as well. I think its because the Kickr Core uses a derived cadence measurement that it cant read when you arent putting load onto the trainer. If this is when its happening, do ERG workouts in the small ring so the flywheel wont have so much inertia.

It did happen right after a big drop … but only halfway through. The first two recovery efforts were fine.

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Yeah, it’s the internal trainer cadence. Totally know that external sensors are best… the old savings account needs me to acquire all my new stuff one thing at a time. :smiley:

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I have never had this happen in TR but i did in Zwift. Super annoying because it then cracks up the resistance even though you’re still doing 90rpm. Feels really weird. I should really start using the cadence readings from my 4iiii.

I found that the cadence on my kickr core was pretty unreliable and definitely lagged behind. I was doing cadence drills/workouts earlier this winter so was really focusing on cadence readings and had to put an external cadence sensor on my crank as my trainer bike doesnt have a PM on it for this to be accurate.

After using TR for 5 weeks, I too have noticed my Kickr Core drops cadence by a half or more but only when doing isolation drills on the right side. The left side is fine. So far resistance only goes up a little. Wondering if this could be a software issue?