Cadence not graphing in iOS

Is anybody else not seeing cadence on the iOS graphs? The data is being logged and shows up in TR via browser. But when you’re pedaling and afterwards it’s not in the graph. The numerical cadence is there when pedaling.

If I am seeing this right, it is intended behavior. They do not have cadence graphing on screen during the workout, never have to my knowledge.

They chose to leave it out with an eye towards simplicity. It is available later in the post ride analysis (as shown in your examples).

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Above is correct, cadence is not shown while the workout is in progress, only upon reviewing the ride.

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It’s not showing after the work out either in the iOS app. You only see it then a web browser.

Yes, that is exactly how its supposed to work.

The basic review on the mobile app is not meant for accessing that level of info. The web is the proper destination for the full analysis.