Weird cadence numbers

I run TrainerRoad on my iPhone connected to my elite direto. Today I had a pretty easy steady 55 minute workout. My cadence avg 251. I noticed during the workout it reading that. A couple times it flashed to around 80 but then would quickly go back.

It just so happens that during the workout I was also running my Garmin 530 connected to my favero pedals as I wanted to compared the power readings as I had recently changed the elite direto belt so I wanted to make sure all was close.

So after the workout I uploaded both workout files to the dcrainmaker analyzer tool to compare. Everything was very close including power and cadence. Cadence for both was fine. I’m not sure where the 251 cadence is coming from. It synced to trainingpeaks and shows the 251 but that’s also weird as I download the fit file from trainingpeaks which was uploaded to the analyzer tool.

I don’t know if this is a glitch. I have iOS 15 beta so there could be something weird there.

Anybody else run into this.