zwift/Hammer constant dropouts on both bluetooth and ANT+

This is kind of related to a prior topic Ant+ dropouts with Zwift but not with Trainer Road

I use my Hammer with TR on a macbook air, no problems with connection, and I concurrently have my assioma uno on bluetooth with zwift, also no problems with connection. The past couple of days I put my son’s bike on the hammer to do some zwifting, and the bluetooth pairs on the pairing screen, but when we return to the riding it drops and then gives a no signal indication at the pairing screen. I then hook it up via ANT+ and it works but get a ton of dropouts (I even got a usb cable to extend it close to the trainer). I did use the companion app as well to hook up via bluetooth and similarly it drops out a lot, even being close to the trainer. All the same computer in the same location. Definitely odd, but I suppose I should try and find some more troubleshooting steps.

Goes without saying that I appreciate the consistency of TR lol